Security Injections

Security Injections are strategically-placed security-related modules for existing undergraduate classes.


SPLASH is an introductory programming logic course that prepares students to begin programming in any language.

Interdisciplinary Minor

The minor will include tracks in critical application areas within the disciplines of health care, e-business, criminal justice, and information technology

Clark Image


CLARK – The Cybersecurity Labs and Resource Knowledge-base. CLARK is a prototype cybersecurity digital library.

The Importance of Software Security (5 min)

Speakers: Matt Bishop (University of California, Davis) and Robert C. Seacord (CERT Coordination Center Carnegie Melon University).

To see more videos, visit our Security Injections Youtube Channel.

The Security Injections@Towson, SPLASH@Towson, and Cyber4All projects are supported by the National Science Foundation under grants NSF DUE-1241738,  NSF DUE -0817267, NSF DGE-1516113, NSF DGE-1516113, NSF DGE-1241649, the GenCyber program, and the Intel Corporation.