Cybersecurity Labs and Resource Knowledge-base


CLARK is a prototype curriculum management platform that hosts diverse cybersecurity learning objects.  It was created because there is a demonstrated need for a high-quality and high-availability repository for curricular and ancillary resources in the cybersecurity education community.  Certain libraries that already exist do not meet all of the requirements needed for all of our diverse learning modules.

The CLARK System is supported by the National Science Foundation under grant NSA CNAP Grant H9830-17-1-0405

The Security Injections@Towson, SPLASH@Towson, and Cyber4All projects are supported by the National Science Foundation under grants NSF DUE-1241738,  NSF DUE -0817267, NSF DGE-1516113, NSF DGE-1516113, NSF DGE-1241649, the GenCyber program, and the Intel Corporation.