Other Resources

SEEDLabs – Syracuse University

Hands-on Labs for Security Education – Over 30 labs targeted at upper-level undergraduate and undergraduate computer and information security courses.

Security Knitting Kit (SecKnitKit) – Tennessee Tech University

Hands-on labs for software engineering, DBMS, Networks, and Operating Systems.

Intel Security Program Open Source Curricula

Material targeting several courses in computer science and other disciplines.

Security Injections – Towson University

Cybersecurity and secure coding modules for beginning Computer Science (CS0, CS1, CS2) and Computer Literacy.


Cybersecurity Laboratory as a Service (CLaaS) that will deliver virtual cybersecurity laboratory, testbeds, attack libraries, monitoring and analysis tools. Includes modules for K-12 classes.

EDURange – The Evergreen State College

Cloud-based (Amazon Web Services) interactive security exercises for upper-level networking and security courses.

DeterLab – USC Information Sciences Institute and University of Utah

Cyber-Defense Technology Experimental Research Laboratory for experiments including DDoS attacks, worm and botnet attacks, encryption, pattern detection, and intrusion-tolerant storage protocols.

ITSEED – Michigan Technological University and University of Washington | Tacoma

Active-Learning Laboratory Experiments for IT Security Education targeted at upper level IT courses.